Thermal Cures

Mudtherapy rehabilitation thermal cures

At the Thermal centre Sollievo, very near the remains of the site built by Romans for reinvigorating body and spirit, the modern civilization recovers the harmony of the antique wisdom, added to the innovations og technology for the rehabilitation and prevention of pathologic situations which afflict modern mankind.

The application of ripe mud, hydro massage in thermal tubs for phlebopathy, saunas, inhalations and aerosol—therapy integrate the special programmes for rehabilitation of neurologic and orthopaedic diseases which request an adequate and harmonious recovery of healing capacities of the organism in its wholeness.

Ancient Rome reinvigorated itself at Montegrotto for many motives, you now have one more.

The Sanitary Director PARFIMON CARP

The therapeutic action of fango

A cycle of thermal treatments produces a beneficial therapeutic effect through a local antiphlogistic, pain—reducing, muscle relaxing and revitalizing action, as well as a general action of increased resistance against pathogenic agents with beneficial results on metabolism and articular movements.

Local effects: positive influence on articular reactivity, improved vascularisation and stimulation of metabolic exchange in the cartilage, stimulus of bone activity beneath the articulations, favorising circulation, cellular trophism, muscles relaxing, sedative effect on the muscular—tendenous tissues.

General effects: increased perspiration, enzymatic activation, dilatation of skin vassels, oxyhaemoglobin diminution of the venous blood (increased oxygen cession to tissues), diminution of the haematic level of creatinine, diminution of triglyceride, cortisole, alkaline “fasfatasi”.

Regarding rheumatic diseases, the mature thermal fango exercises a preventive action and cure the degenerative pathologies (primary and secondary arthroses), some pathologies of infiammatory type in non acute phase (spondylitis deformans, psoriasic arthriesis, tendonitis, thermo—synovitis, bursitis, fibrositis), some post-traumatic aspects (hypotonus, muscular hypothropy, muscular stiffness), osteoarthrosis and osteoporosis.

Fangotherapy at the Sollievo Terme

The curative activity is under the control and responsibility of the Sanitary Director. To be admitted to the therapy, a medical examination is compulsory, during which our doctor examines the medical file of the patient and establishes a personal form containing the suggested treatments. The doctor is at the disposal of our clients during mornings for advice and controls, guaranteeing thus a continous assistance and consultation.