Thermal Cures

Hotel Sollievo in Montegrotto is subsidised by ASL: this means that you can use your prescription to benefit from the positive effects of spa treatments. Acknowledged for years by Official Medicine, the virtues of mud therapy and spa treatments of Abano and Montegrotto can offer relief in many cases of illnesses and diseases, such as osteoporosis, rheumatism and bronchitis.

Here at Hotel Sollievo you will not only treat your illnesses, but you can also dedicate time to yourself, enjoying all the benefits of staying in a state-of-the-art spa, guaranteed by the experience of true wellness professionals.

Which illnesses can be treated with spa treatments? Find out more by reading the in-depth study by Dr. Parfimon Carp, who has been the Medical Director of Hotel Sollievo Terme in Montegrotto for thirty years.


At the Thermal Centre of Hotel Sollievo in Montegrotto, a few metres away from the ancient ruins of the sites built by the Romans to restore body and spirit, modern civilisation regains the harmony of past wisdom combined with the innovations of technology for rehabilitation and the prevention of pathological situations that afflict modern man.

The application of ripe mud of Montegrotto, a hydromassage in a thermal bath for phlebopathies, saunas, inhalations and aerosol therapy are integrated into specific rehabilitation programmes of neurological and orthopaedic disorders that require an adequate and harmonious recovery of the body’s capacity to heal as a whole.

Ancient Romans restored mind and body in Montegrotto for many reasons. You now have one more.

Medical Director PARFIMON CARP

The therapeutic effect of the mud of Abano Montegrotto

A cycle of spa treatments in Abano Montegrotto offers a beneficial effect in orthopaedic illnesses and in the locomotor system through an anti-inflammatory action, a reduction in pain and muscle spasms and an increase in the immune system; also, from a neurological aspect, it reduces the excitability of nerve cells.

Local effects: positive effect on joint reactivity, improved vascularisation and stimulation on cartilage metabolism, increased neoformation and reduced bone absorption, improved vascularisation and muscular trophism, increased synovial fluid and sedative effect on tendon tissues.

General effects: increased sweating, cutaneous vasodilation, greater release of oxygen to the tissues, effect on enzymatic activities and on the release of enzymes into circulation and reduced blood level of creatinine, triglycerides, cortisol and alkaline phosphatase.

For rheumatic diseases, the ripe thermal mud of Abano Montegrotto prevents and treats degenerative diseases (primary and secondary arthrosis), some inflammatory diseases in the non-acute phase (ankylosing spondylitis - psoriatic arthritis - tendinitis - thermosynovitis - bursitis - fibrosites), some post-traumatic disorders (hypotonic - muscular hypotrophy - muscle stiffness), osteoarthritis and osteoporosis.

The ideal cycle of mud therapy lasts 2 weeks with 12 applications of mud and an ozonised thermal bath every day. Mud therapy is normally performed at least once a year, depending on the doctor's prescriptions

Mud therapy at Hotel Sollievo Terme in Montegrotto

The treatment activities of our Hotel in Montegrotto Terme are under the control and responsibility of the Medical Director. A medical examination is mandatory for admission to treatment, whereby the thermal physician will be able to guarantee patients with the correct treatment and personalised assistance after having examined the documentation.