The "Levatio Calida" Wellness Center

The spa treatments in Abano and Montegrotto are famous all around the world. A long tradition of wellness with its roots in the history of our territory. You can enjoy it here, feel it on your skin, in the warm embrace of our 4-star Hotel in Montegrotto.

Let yourself be won over by the natural health itinerary that our thermal spa centre in Montegrotto offers you: enjoy an invigorating massage, bathe in the heat of our Roman dry sweating room, have a mud therapy session or a dip in the thermal pools.

A break from work, a moment to share with loved ones, a weekend all for yourself, rehabilitation after an illness... Whatever the reason behind your spa holiday in Abano and Montegrotto, Sollievo is there to offer you everything are looking for and deserve!


Roman sweat room (65°-80° C). The intens perspiration ensures a natural detoxification of the body. After 10-15 minutes of treatment you will enjoy a pleasant and intense perspiration especially in those areas of the body where it is most needed.

Calidarium - Turkish bath

Steam cabin (45°-48° C). The dampness of the Steam improves the regulation of your pH values. It is also effective in keeping your skin moist and clean. It is recommended for people with respiratory problems. Adding natural fragrances to the steam you can enjoy a very pleasant and refreshing beneficial aromatic bath. The cabin is equipped with a cold shower to be use for the Kneipp bath. The cold/hot reaction stimulates the circulation remarkably


Steam cabin with essential oil temperature 40 ° C Humidity 100%. This steam is also indicated for improving the respiratory system; adding essences chosen by the customer allows for a pleasant and beneficial aromatic steam bath and personalized.


Ambulation in cold water on one side and hot on the other hand make it ideal in cases of vascolopatie the lower limbs, although it is not to underestimate the effect anti-cellulite (buttocks and thighs).


Tepidarium: relaxation area with heated beds decorated architecture "Zen".

  • Cold fog shower
  • Tropical rain shower
  • Cervical waterfall

Finnish Sauna

The Finnish sauna is a bath of heat that allows you to relax, detoxify, eliminate cellulite and cleanse the skin in depth, increases metabolism and slows the aging process.

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Our Sibilla thermal steam cave awaits you to unwind, one drop at a time. An important step in the health treatments available at Hotel Sollievo, it will help detox your body thanks to the beneficial effects of heat on the blood flow, joints and airways.